Tuesday, September 28, 2010

with HEAVY HEARTS!!!!!

This past weekend Andrew, Zac (Andrew's girlfriend/bff), and I headed up to Fayetteville for the BIG GAME!!!!  We spent all weeks looking for tickets, tickets that we wouldn't have to pawn my engagement ring for.  With Zac's dad working as a personality on 103.7 THE BUZZ, it wasn't too hard...... however, I was totally seperated from Andrew and Zac.  On Friday night we left Malvern around 11 p.m. and headed to NWA.  We arrived at Andrew's lil' brother's apartment around 4 a.m.  Zach (future bro in law) was such a gentleman and gave up his bed for me to sleep in... of course it helped that he had been sleeping in a tent all week waiting to get into the stadium.. 

As we arrived to the game. we notice TONS of amazing, fun festivities going on.  Being in attendance with two men who act like kids we were destined to find the game section.  I followed the guys from game to game to see who had the better arm or kick.  There were times where I had to drag the guys away from their little competitions to allow the line of 6 year olds behind them play. 

After we participated in recess we made our way up to the stadium.  Andrew and I some how ended up with the familys of the players in front of the Broyles center.  As we were standing there, a couple next to me complimented me on my jersey that I was sporting.  (Okay this is how the convo went....) 
Lady: Ma'am I really like your jersey....
Me:Ya!!! Thanks, I really don't know whose number it is though....
Lady: Oh that is my son!!!  Dearius Winston!
Me:  OMG!!!  That is awesome.... (as I look at Andrew)
Andrew: (With a stern embarrassed voice)  Amber!  That is one of our 5 star recruits, he is from West Helena.  He is GOOD!!! 
Me to the Lady: Oh yea!!! I am his number one fan!!! (THEN WE HIGH FIVED!!!) 
As we were standing there the players began their walk-thru and ended up by their familys and US!!!!  Yes, I touched BOBBY PETRINO and got my head knocked off and a little matted BIG TEXAS HAIR as Andrew tried to high five MALLET!!!

By this time we had a pretty exciting day so far!  As we were in the stadium you could just feel the electricity and excitement in the atmosphere.  An experience I will never forget.  Andrew and I parted ways as we both headed to our seats.  (Andrew and Zac seats were in the lower level in the Alabama section and mine was on the home side at the very TOP of the stadium...)  As I left Andrew and began my trek to my seat, I stopped behind the BAMA bench to take some photos.  While standing there snapping away, I got scammed by an Alabama couple and traded tickets... BIG MISTAKE AND VERY NIAVE OF ME!!!!!  BUT....... I have a very good friend that has season tickets on the second row so I ended up sitting on the front row right in front of them.... TOTAL UPGRADE!!!! I was on the 1st ROW at one of the biggest games this decade!!!! AWESOME!!! 
I wish I could explain the atmosphere in that stadium the last 3 minutes.... It was as if all the air was sucked out of the stadium and no one knew what to say.  I can say that the 2 guys I was with along with 77,000 other people were in utter disbelief of the outcome..... were shocked and felt as if their heart had just been ripped out!  I really believe we are all still recovering from a heart breaking loss... WE TAKE THIS STUFF SERIOUSLY!!!! 

But we did get to see Kris Allen, Natalie White (winner of Survivor), and Jerry Jones!!!  Pretty cool day!!! A day I will never forget!!!

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