Tuesday, September 28, 2010

with HEAVY HEARTS!!!!!

This past weekend Andrew, Zac (Andrew's girlfriend/bff), and I headed up to Fayetteville for the BIG GAME!!!!  We spent all weeks looking for tickets, tickets that we wouldn't have to pawn my engagement ring for.  With Zac's dad working as a personality on 103.7 THE BUZZ, it wasn't too hard...... however, I was totally seperated from Andrew and Zac.  On Friday night we left Malvern around 11 p.m. and headed to NWA.  We arrived at Andrew's lil' brother's apartment around 4 a.m.  Zach (future bro in law) was such a gentleman and gave up his bed for me to sleep in... of course it helped that he had been sleeping in a tent all week waiting to get into the stadium.. 

As we arrived to the game. we notice TONS of amazing, fun festivities going on.  Being in attendance with two men who act like kids we were destined to find the game section.  I followed the guys from game to game to see who had the better arm or kick.  There were times where I had to drag the guys away from their little competitions to allow the line of 6 year olds behind them play. 

After we participated in recess we made our way up to the stadium.  Andrew and I some how ended up with the familys of the players in front of the Broyles center.  As we were standing there, a couple next to me complimented me on my jersey that I was sporting.  (Okay this is how the convo went....) 
Lady: Ma'am I really like your jersey....
Me:Ya!!! Thanks, I really don't know whose number it is though....
Lady: Oh that is my son!!!  Dearius Winston!
Me:  OMG!!!  That is awesome.... (as I look at Andrew)
Andrew: (With a stern embarrassed voice)  Amber!  That is one of our 5 star recruits, he is from West Helena.  He is GOOD!!! 
Me to the Lady: Oh yea!!! I am his number one fan!!! (THEN WE HIGH FIVED!!!) 
As we were standing there the players began their walk-thru and ended up by their familys and US!!!!  Yes, I touched BOBBY PETRINO and got my head knocked off and a little matted BIG TEXAS HAIR as Andrew tried to high five MALLET!!!

By this time we had a pretty exciting day so far!  As we were in the stadium you could just feel the electricity and excitement in the atmosphere.  An experience I will never forget.  Andrew and I parted ways as we both headed to our seats.  (Andrew and Zac seats were in the lower level in the Alabama section and mine was on the home side at the very TOP of the stadium...)  As I left Andrew and began my trek to my seat, I stopped behind the BAMA bench to take some photos.  While standing there snapping away, I got scammed by an Alabama couple and traded tickets... BIG MISTAKE AND VERY NIAVE OF ME!!!!!  BUT....... I have a very good friend that has season tickets on the second row so I ended up sitting on the front row right in front of them.... TOTAL UPGRADE!!!! I was on the 1st ROW at one of the biggest games this decade!!!! AWESOME!!! 
I wish I could explain the atmosphere in that stadium the last 3 minutes.... It was as if all the air was sucked out of the stadium and no one knew what to say.  I can say that the 2 guys I was with along with 77,000 other people were in utter disbelief of the outcome..... were shocked and felt as if their heart had just been ripped out!  I really believe we are all still recovering from a heart breaking loss... WE TAKE THIS STUFF SERIOUSLY!!!! 

But we did get to see Kris Allen, Natalie White (winner of Survivor), and Jerry Jones!!!  Pretty cool day!!! A day I will never forget!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

August was NOT our month!!!!

It has been quite sometime since I have blogged, once again getting used to this is the main key!  So let me explain a little bit about the blog title.  I have been to every kind of doctor known to mankind and have every script that a pharmacist can fill.  I got some answers or diagnosises, but then again.. some left unanswered.  I found out that I have a HYPOTHYROID CONDITION (meaning my thyroid is slow and doesn't work properly) meaning even makes it harder for me to lose weight))  Welcome to my first UGHHHHH and frustration.... good news is that I started my meds a couple of weeks ago and I am just waiting for them to kick in!

August 21 was FAN DAY in Fayetteville, and if there is a question whether I love Andrew or not, let it go!  because I stood in line for 3 hours in a 100 degree weather all for Mr. Ryan Mallet's autograph.  Yes you heard me right all for a signature on paper.  I got to meet "Big Papa and Grandma" (Andrew's dad's parents) at their home.  They are some of the sweetest, nicest people I have ever met.  It made me only more excited about gaining the last name "Drake".  Andrew and I made it back to my parentals about midnight and we noticed our neighbors were partying it up.  As Andrew was about to head out, I heard our labs barking like crazy and I was interested of what the darkness held.  I stepped out on our front porch and saw a horse standing at our front steps with a man appearing out of the darkness.  The man informed me that the dogs had scared his horse.  Moments later 2 fire trucks pulled up in our driveway, 4 cop cars, 1 ambulance and a slew of volunteer fire fighters arrived.  Well to make the long story short the girl riding the horse broke her neck and the guy broke his arm.  (They ran into the guidewires coming from the utility poles)  LESSON: Don't ride a horse at midnight, on someone elses property, DRUNK!!!  Good rule to live by! 

On August 22, Andrew, Jewels (mother-in-law to be) and I went to the Arkansas Democrat Bridal Fair.  I was super pumped about this and Andrew not so much!  My mom was on her way to meet us, only after she dropped my father off at the airport for him to fly to Michigan.  About 30 minutes into the show, my mom called Andrew.  Andrew walked over to me with a face white as snow and grabbed me by the arm.  He led me the whole way outside without telling me what was wrong.  He looked me dead in the face and said "Amber, Uncle Donnie has died!"  I just fell a part!  A lil' background on my Uncle Donnie... He was my dad's younger brother only 48 years old.  My dad and him share the same birthday and were close.  My uncle spent a lot of time at our house and called me "Ber" all of my life!  He was one of the nicest men, I have ever known!  He was awesome, and it killed me inside to lose him.  It killed me even more to watch my father go through such pain to lose his brother... (Dad didn't show it on the outside, but you knew he was dying on the inside)  Andrew and I packed up and headed to Wickes to prepare for the funeral.  It was AMAZING to see how much the community adored and accepted him.  2 high schools were dismissed for his funeral and over 500 people were in attendance.  Needless to say he was LOVED!  My mom's family, The Piearcy's, were ASTONISHING.  My cousin, Bobbi and her husband Ricky, let Andrew and I live with her for a week and not to mention fed us!  All of my mom's family was in attendance for the funeral.  It is so awesome to have 2 families that are so amazing to be a part of! 

A question I leave with you is ..... what will you be remembered for?  are you making an impact for our God's kingdom?

Okay....... I guess I am going to have to start blogging more often....

Friday, July 23, 2010


So I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog for a little while, or maybe I am still not use to this blogging deal.... Maybe it is a little bit of both?  Well as it comes down to it, my life has not been normal in quite sometime, and I am not ashamed to admit I LOVE NORMAL!!!  So this is my week in a BLUR!  Hold on!

Sunday-  My Uncle Todd, cousin Aiden, Tabor, and I took off to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls.  This was a blast for me because I love to watch the enjoyment in kids faces when they are having so much fun!  Andrew later met us after he got off work.  Tabor loved this a lot due to the fact that Andrew takes him on all the slides.  After an exhausting day of water slides ALL day, my cousin/best friend/MOH, Randi came into town. 

Monday- Randi and I took off to Conway to keep Langley (my sweet niece) while Rachel had to go to a meeting.  She was a precious little thing and did AMAZING!!! Let me just say PRAISE BABY is my hero!  After leaving Langley, Randi and I headed to "Events Rental" of Conway to check out some wedding stuff.  This place was great and very reasonable too.  After leaving "Events" we attended Andrew's softball game and then played some Putt Putt!! 

Tuesday- Andrew, Randi, Zac and I headed to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls for a fun-filled, relaxing day.  We had a blast riding roller coasters, riding water slides, and being a kid again in the wave pool.  We then went to Chilis to have a bite to eat then retreated to the house for some naps and movies.  MMMMMM great day!!! 

Wednesday- Randi and I had the chance to sleep in and then head out to the hospital for a scheduled test.  Andrew and Randi were so patient as I had the procedure done, or should I say that they caught up on their latest gossip in the US Weekly mags.  We then went to lunch at McAlister's.....  which was AMAZING!  We then went to David's Bridal to check out some bridesmaids dresses.  WE FOUND ONE... I will see if I can upload a picture but they are super cute and flattering for everyone!!!  Upon arriving home, Andrew and I got a wild hair to clean out the garage.  After cleaning out the garage I hit my hand extrememly hard and thought I had broken it.  Trip #2 to the hospital that day!  Andrew, Randi, and I sat in the emergency room for about 4 hours, only to find out NO BREAKS but a bruised bone.  A couple of pain killers, a wrapped hand, Arby's, and a ride home and we were good to go!

Thursday- I had to attend Professional Development all day, Randi left, and Andrew had to work.   That is what our day consisted of.... the wedding is getting closer and I hope tha tyou enjoy reading all of my stress...

But one quick question-  What is the one thing YOU had to have at your wedding?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 234th AMERICA!!!!

What am I doing this weekend?  Well Andrew and I don't have a lot on our agenda.  My amazing fiance' is working is hiney off so I will probably lay low.   The first project of the day included putting an exersaucer together for Langley that Mom, Dad, and I bought for her.  WOW!!!  I had NO CLUE what a project this was.  Just as I started getting frustrated with the lion and penguin, Josh, Rachel, and Langley walked in.  This was my cue to dump the project off on Josh so I could play with my gorgeous niece, Langley!  We finally finished the project and let Langley go to town.  I think she was a little overwhelmed at all the toys that were in her face.  She is precious..

Josh, Rachel, Langley, Mom, Tabor, and I went outside today to feed the fish in the pond.  This is one of Tabor's favorite things to do.  He loves the whole process, standing on the deck, tossing out the fish food, watching the big fish come up to eat it, and he even loves watching the dogs swimming around to eat the food as well.  Langley wore her little hat outside which in return offered some great photo opportunities. 

 Tabor spent the day with us as well.  He loved Langley so much and even enjoyed telling her the story of the 3 little pigs.  It was precious until he got into the wolf role a little too much and scared Langley!  She recovered rather quickly.  

Tonight Tabor and I took off to the nearest fireworks tent to make a "small" purchase.  Well folks, when Tabor Tanaka is around and he has access to the merchandise and the basket, NOTHING is a small purchase.  I caved when I saw those big, dark, brown eyes looking up at me and Tabor saying "PLEASE!" while doing the correct sign language for the word.  It was precious I tell ya!  So we came home and waited for the sun to go down to begin our mini light show.  While waiting my fiance' surprised me by walking in.  I was excited to see that he had gotten off work early, and even more excited that he could do the fireworks with us.  When the sun finally went down, Mom, Dad, Tabor, and I all headed out to the pasture for the show.  Watching Tabor's reactions and faces during the fireworks was more than worth the "small" purchase I made today! 

So its July 4th weekend, eh? I had a friend ask me one time if other countrys had a 4th of July?  I thought to myself "Is there ever a way I can gain these past 4 seconds of my life back?".  Then I simply answered.... "Every country has a 4th of July, but the date is only important to America."  As July 4th approaches, I think about what Andrew and I have planned for the weekend... where are we going to cookout?  when are we going to buy the fireworks?  where are we going swimming?   Then as I hear the Star Spangled Banner I can't help but stop and focus what July 4th is about.  AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY!  AMERICA'S INDEPENDENCE!  I am very proud to be an American, I take pride in our country, and feel a sense of honor to salute the stars and stripes.  Andrew and I have a long line of soldiers in our family and for this we are forever grateful.  I can't help but tear up when I sing the National Anthem and think about all of the blood shed that went into our country's freedom.  Andrew and I learned the other day, that his great grandfather served in WWI.  He had 300 men in his platoon and only 12 returned.  His great grandfather was one of those 12.  So on this July 4th, I ask that you take a step back from the burgers, fireworks, and lake to think about our country, the greatest USA, take time to pray for the soldiers, government leaders, and those who are family of soldiers.  I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Andrew's mom, Julie recently took a trip to her dad's house (Lil' Papa) in Dallas, Texas.  Lil' Papa is 84 years old and still gets around like he is 20, but nevertheless Julie and her sister Martha were on a mission to clean Lil' Papa's house down to the smallest base board.  I received a call from Julie last week stating that she was having our first wedding shower..... without us present!  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!   Lil' Papa was gracious enough to give us a lot of kitchen appliances that he no longer uses.  When Julie arrived she had a couple of tupperware containers full of stuff with our names in marker on the top... EXCITING, right?  I thought so!!! 

We were surprised to find boxes full of casserole dishes, bread pans, cookie sheets, vases, waffle makers, crock-pots, deep fryer/steamer, salt/pepper shakers, and bowls.  Andrew also was excited to see that his Lil' Papa had sent him a hammer that had been his dads and dishes that had been his moms.  Andrew and I could not be more thrilled to be trusted enough to receive family heirlooms.  We are so blessed to have his Lil' Papa in our lives and his godly wisdom!  We enjoyed our first shower more than anyone will know and will be forever grateful to Lil' Papa, Julie, and Martha... WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!